The Genshin Impact mod replaces Neuvellite with the fan-favorite Pokemon

published: 2023-10-02T11:40:32

Updated: 2023-10-02T11:40:45

The Genshin Impact mod has added one of the most beloved Pokémon to the game, replacing the five-star Hydro Neuvellite.

Genshin Impact mods are not officially supported by HoYoverse, but that hasn’t stopped the community from adding their favorite characters to the game. In fact, one of the latest additions to gain community attention is the Genshin Impact x Pokemon crossover mod.

After all, the free-to-play mobile game uses combat elements that players must master to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. This makes Genshin Impact an ideal platform for a Pokemon crossover game.

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Well, one Traveler has stepped into the spotlight by adding one of the most popular Generation 1 Pokémon to Genshin Impact.

The Genshin Impact mod adds starter Pokemon to the game

Posting on a Chinese video sharing platform, Bilibili, one player showed himself playing as Squirtle in Genshin Impact. During the clip, the Water Pokémon can be seen attacking Slimes and Hilichurls with Water attacks while the original Pokémon theme tune plays in the background.

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Although the mod doesn’t add any of Squirtle’s signature attacks to the game, the Neuvillete combo works very well as an alternative. In fact, his charged attack looks very similar to Hydro Pump, while his elemental skill allows Squirtle to unleash a deadly cascade that deals AoE Hydro damage.

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When these movements are combined with the waves fired from Neuvillete’s item blast, you have a recipe for a fairly accurate depiction of Squirtle. Of course, like all Genshin Impact mods, we don’t recommend using the Squirtle skin yourself as it may result in an account ban.

Although it’s unlikely that an official Genshin Impact x Pokemon crossover will be revealed in the future, that doesn’t mean we won’t get other crossover content. After all, many players are still hoping for the Honkai Star Rail x Genshin Impact crossover event.

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