The Final Fantasy 16 update adds shocking new details

Torgal walks through a sandstorm.

picture: Square Enix

Torgal She is a prominent figure in Final Fantasy XVI. Clive’s companion Frost the Wolf is a constant throughout our hero’s adventure, and as such, he meets plenty of heroes and villains, befriends the Dominant of Ifrit, and battles throughout the world of Valistea. Now we also know that he is a very perceptive little man who has opinions about the characters Clive encounters along his journey. This additional layer to the puppy character was revealed in the latest game update 1.21 which was released alongside The shadow fell Echoes of the Fallen Downloadable contentwhich adds character notes telling us how Torgal feels about the cast Final Fantasy XVI.

Spoilers for Final Fantasy XVI He follows.

Fans took notice then Echoes of the Fallen Launched last night during Game prizes. In the Grand Cast menu, which shows specific connections between different characters and the world, there is now an Inner Voice option that adds a small text box next to each picture that tells you how Torgal feels about different people in the game’s story.

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Some of these are very nice, like the one who says he and Clive “make a strong group” or another mentioning that the now adult Jill is stronger than he remembers from her childhood. Others provide insight into how he came to know the different members of Clive’s hideout. This is often done through activities such as playing with him or riding on his back. But the saddest thing has to do with Cid, who dies tragically in the first hours of the game. Instead of Torgal thinking of Cid’s sacrifice with respect like everyone else, the little man has no idea what has happened to him. His inner voice simply asks: “Where did he go?”

This is heartbreaking. I like to be reminded that animals don’t understand death, have no idea that it comes to us all, and simply believe that people who die have abandoned them.

Echoes of the Fallen Out now, second DLC planned, rising tide, It will launch in 2024. Although we don’t know much about it yet, we do know that it will contain Leviathan, the fan-favorite summon that has been mentioned but not shown in Final Fantasy XVI Salim.

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