The final episode of Attack on Titan is finally on its way

The attack on the Giantsyou can say the Shounen anime decade by Exceptionally strong start in 2013 And its greatly extended final season finally has a release date for the final episode.

according to Share on official The attack on the Giants website, Attack on Titan final season, part four (Renamed K Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters, Part Two on Crunchyroll) will premiere in Japan on November 4. Although a US release date has yet to be announced, it’s probably safe to assume that the premiere will land on streaming services like Hulu and Crunchyroll somewhere shortly after that date, as has happened with previous “final” season releases.

Spoiler warning for Attack on Titan The Final Chapters.

You can Check out the trailerwhich shows the remnants of the Survey Corps racing to stop series hero-turned-antagonist Eren Jaeger from committing genocide:


In addition to officially announcing the premiere of the final season of the program AoT The website also announced the first ever “Fan Participation Wrap-Up Party”. Attack on Titan worldwide after party. The virtual event, which can be accessed via smartphones and computers, will be held from November 5 to 8.

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Explain to The attack on the GiantsComplicated final season

despite of The attack on the Giants It reached new heights among fans with its more mature, morally grey, transformation into a political drama about freedom through genocide (Fascist subtext included), many fans felt their enthusiasm waning due to the final season of the series. It’s hard to blame them, considering the show has been “ending” for the better part of three years now. Let me metaphorically pull out a corkboard and some string to explain the logistics The attack on the GiantsFinal season.

The attack on the GiantsSeason 4, which was reshaped as Attack on titan final season In the United States, 16 episodes were broadcast in 2020 before being split into a second hall (or segment) with Attack on titan final season part 2, which aired an additional 12 episodes in 2022. To prolong things even further, Studio Mappa announced that it will be dividing the anime adaptation of creator Hajime Isayama’s manga into special two-hour episodes called Attack on Titan final season, part three (known as Attack on titan final chapter) of which the penultimate part (Stay with Me Now) was released on March 3 of this year on Crunchyroll and Hulu. The upcoming final season of the show is ostensibly known as Attack on Titan final season, part three, second half In Japan or simply Attack on Titan Final Chapter Part Two in the United States

Got all of that? no? Well, I can’t blame you for the naming conventions and successive releases of The attack on the GiantsThe final season of the series is completely over. The most important thing to learn here is that the actual, real finale is coming very soon. They finally wrapped this up.

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flow The attack on the Giants now: Hulu | Funimation

Time will tell if the wait is long Attack on Titan Final Chapter Part Two It will discourage AoT Anime viewers are only attracted to series such as Controversial manga ending The series’ legacy was ruined with readers once again in 2020. Meanwhile, fans can watch the English dub of the series. Attack on Titan Final Chapter Part One On Crunchyroll And Funimation.

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