‘The Door Is Never Closed’ If Tom Brady Wants To Return To The Tampa Bay Pirates, But Bruce Aryans, Jason Licht Are Ready To Move On

INDIANAPOLIS — Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Aryan and general manager Jason Licht said Tuesday that while they will leave the door open for the potential return of Brokers Tom Brady, who will remain under contract despite his retirement, they are preparing to move forward without him. its season.

“That door never closes. When Tom wants to come back, he comes back. If Tom wants back, we’ll have a lot of money for him,” Arians told reporters at the NFL Scouting Association, adding that the two would continue to keep in touch, as Brady and Licht do.

“I think with Tom Brady, I personally don’t want to shut the door completely,” Licht said. “Now, I have no information to suggest he will be back. I am a very good friend with him. We talk, [but] We didn’t talk about it. You don’t want to put any pressure on this now. But it’s Tom Brady. If Tom Brady wants to come back, we welcome him back.”

Arianes expressed less optimism than Licht about a potential comeback, though Brady didn’t publicly shut the door on the comeback, instead discussing the matter at SiriusXM’s “Let’s Go!” Podcast due to reasons for Brady’s retirement – primarily to spend more time with his family.

“Shut the door when I spoke to him,” Arianes said with a chuckle. “I think he’s like a lot of these guys, he likes to have his name out there.”

Arianes admitted he was surprised when Brady announced his retirement, despite reports that it might.

“Every time I met him, he just made me feel great,” Ariane said. I kept asking him, “How do you feel? How do you feel?” He said, “It’s the best I’ve felt in 10 years.” After week 16, the way he was playing, I was convinced he would be back. Then when we talked, I understood all about her.”

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Did Licht, who met Brady in 2002 when he was the assistant team manager for the New England Patriots, see that coming?

“When we signed Tom two years ago, none of us knew how long it would be,” Licht said. “If it’s a year or two. I was hoping he’d turn 50. But no one really knows. So, it wasn’t really a shocking surprise when he’s the type to evaluate everything.” [He] Continue to evaluate everything. He literally came out on top if he actually retired. We have always benefited and never taken it for granted.”

Arianes described his relationship with Brady as “fantastic” despite reports in recent weeks of a feud beginning to develop. Arianes even joked that he intended to challenge Brady to golf.

“Hey, let’s play golf,” said Arianes with a laugh. “If you hit your ass, you’ll be back!” But no jokes aside, Arianes said that if Brady came out of retirement, they wouldn’t be able to stomach the other teams getting him. “No,” said Arius. “Bad work”.

Since Brady is still under contract with the Buccaneers, they still hold his rights, which is what happened with the New England Patriots and the end of a court Rob Gronkowski When he came out of retirement to join Brady. The Bucs traded a fourth-round draft pick for Gronkowski and a seventh-round pick in order to get him.

But in this case, a large capital project will be required. “Five is number one,” said Arians. “Maybe.”

Don’t expect other teams to help the pirates either. Although the team has previously indicated that they are looking to add a midfielder via free agency or the draft, the options are slim. Arians said there are only two midfielders in free agency, the Bucs would consider signing, while there are eight contracted to other teams, and he doesn’t see the prospect of trading more than one or two of them because most teams don’t have viable backup options in a year. When supply does not match demand.

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“Trade is out of the question, I think,” said Arianes. “You have to have a partner.” These guys aren’t willing to go, ‘Hey, do you want my man?’ Who’s behind Door #2 for them? I don’t see a lot of these guys being traded. There might be one, two, max, guys we think can take us to the Super Bowl.”

The plan is to have four quarterbacks, and Kyle Traska second-round pick last year, will get a chance to compete for the first job despite not seeing any action in the regular season last year, with Plain Gebert Intervene when Brady walked out of the games last year.

“Kyle’s going to get a great shot,” Arians said. “I mean, he’s got his shot.” “I really like the way he improved the things he needed when he was running the scout team, his presence in the pocket, movement in the pocket – all those things on and off the field that Tom taught him, leaning, a little faster – he can throw. Now it comes down to, “Does he flip it?” If he’s blaine, does he flip it?”

Can Trask surprise people the way Mac Jones He did with the Patriots last year as a rookie?

“I definitely think so,” Licht said. “I definitely think he has a chance. He showed all the signs that he points that way with his wit, his ability to pick up offense, his work ethic, the way he absorbs and retains information, the way he throws has changed his body a little bit. He’s surprisingly athletic there—more than that after graduating from his freshman year in Florida.”

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Ariane said that the organization will not oppose the return James Winston, who was chosen by Licht first overall in the 2015 NFL Draft before signing as a free agent backup with the New Orleans Saints in 2020. Winston is set to become a free agent again. However, Arius said, “I don’t think so [returning to Tampa Bay] The best thing for him.”

Another quarterback Bucs has been linked to Deshaun WatsonBut he is currently facing charges of sexual assault by 22 different women. Licht declined to discuss Watson because it is his personal policy not to discuss players contracted to other teams, while Aryan said the property should make the call.

“It’s going to be strict regulatory approval,” Arians said. “I’ve known the kid for a long time. I was shocked that he is in this position. But this would be a strict regulatory signal.”

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