‘The Crown’ creator and stars defend show over claims of insensitivity


Creator”crown” has hit back at criticism of the upcoming new season, insisting she has “huge sympathy” for the new king. King Charles III.

Premiering on Netflix on November 9, the fifth season of the hit drama deals with the divorce of the then Prince and Princess of Wales – portrayed by Dominic West and Emma Debicki.

The show, which won Outstanding Drama Series at last year’s Emmy Awards, has faced some criticism for its depiction of the royal family.

Now the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, has responded in comments Variety. He said: “I think we can all agree that the 1990s were a difficult time for the Royal Family and King Charles will certainly have some painful memories of that period.

“But with the benefit of hindsight, that doesn’t mean history will be unkind to him or the monarchy. The show certainly isn’t. I have a lot of sympathy for a man in his position – and indeed a family in their position. Sometimes people are more understanding and compassionate than we expect.

West and Debicki have spoken out in defense of the show’s producers, who they believe handled the subject matter sensitively.

Debicki – who takes on the role of Emma Corinne – told Variety: “Peter and the whole crew on this job do their best to handle everything with the utmost sensitivity and truth and complexity, just like the actors.

“From a viewer’s point of view, the amount of research and observation and conversations and conversations, something you never notice is huge. From that first meeting. [with] Peter, I know I entered this place taking this seriously [in] A deeply caring way. So that was my experience of the show.

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West, who took over from Josh O’Connor, called telling the story of the difficult period “a heavy, heavy responsibility … and one that I think we all take very seriously.”

The comments from Morgan and his cast come days after former British Prime Minister John Major blasted his time in office as “damaged and malicious fiction” and a “barrel-load”, and defended the Netflix show as a “fantasy dramatization”. Nonsense.”

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