The Cannes Film Festival clashes with Dominican star Maciel Taveras days after confronting Kelly Rowland

The Cannes Film Festival security guard who clashed with Kelly Rowland has once again gone viral on social media, this time for confronting Dominican star Maciel Taveras.

Taveras walked the red carpet wearing a white dress with an image of Jesus Christ on it. As the actress and model walked up the stairs, she tried to fix her train to display the photo. However, the guide stopped Taveras and rushed her up the stairs.

In the video, Taveras is visibly upset with the guide for blocking her and not letting her stand up properly. Once Taveras reached the top of the stairs, she turned to wave. The guide made physical contact with Taveras to turn her around. Taveras then pushed the security guard away from her and began walking forward.

Nicky Hilton was behind Taveras and witnessed the accident himself.

Although Taveras was unable to properly display her dress on the steps of Cannes, once on stage, she was able to show off her dress, which was designed by Giannina Azar with the image hand-drawn by Yan Baez.

The incident between the guide and Taveras occurred days after Rowland experienced something similar while climbing the stairs.

“The woman knows what happened, and I know what happened,” Rowland told the AP at an amfAR Cannes gala on Thursday. “I have boundaries and I stand by those boundaries, and that’s all. And there were other women who came to that mat who didn’t look exactly like me, who didn’t get that berated, or pushed, or told to get down. I stood my ground, and I felt like she had to stand her ground. But I “I stood my ground.”

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