The Brooklyn store has yet to receive information on the sale of $10 million worth of lottery tickets

Apparently the lucky winner of two $10 million lottery tickets is not a Marxist: He did not distribute a dime of his fortune to employees at the Brooklyn gas station where he bought both, the manager told The Post.

Multiple lottery winner Wayne Murray has yet to tip employees at H&A Gas & Convenience on Avenue H in Flatbush after winning either time, said manager Asim, who admitted he still dreams of a little piece of cake, especially since he doesn’t… He gets a reward for it. State to sell winning scratches.

“The client who won [is] “Very nice guy,” Asim said on Saturday. “He might come back… so I’m optimistic.”

Moreover, business has been picking up since Murray, 63, won a second $10 million prize on Tuesday while playing the 200X lottery game in New York.

In August 2022, he He won $10 million playing Black Titanium.

“The store has become famous,” Asim said.

“I’ve seen new faces; some people keep coming and asking [about the] Lucky store. They say they’ll get their gas from here, and that’s good for business, too.

In both wins, Murray took home a total of $6 million each after taxes, according to lottery officials. Each game costs $30 to play.

H&A Gas & Convenience on Avenue H in Flatbush has been the site of many lottery wins. Robert Miller
Multiple lottery winner Wayne Murray bought his winning tickets at H&A Gas & Convenience on Avenue H in Flatbush. Robert Miller

New York pays a $10,000 bonus to retailers who sell winning jackpots on Mega Millions or Powerball tickets, but not to retailers who sell winning jackpots for other smaller lottery games.

So H&A will only get a portion of Murray’s millions if it hits its own pocket.

Asim said he hasn’t seen Murray since his last lottery drawing, but that may be because the millionaire has been too busy strolling around the Big Apple in style.

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Business picked up after the two big wins. Robert Miller
Brooklyn’s Wayne Murray celebrates winning $10 million in 2022. New York lottery

Murray was seen leaving his modest three-story home in East Flatbush on Friday in a new 2024 Range Rover SV that has a price tag of at least $209,000.

He could not be reached for comment on Saturday, but insisted two days ago that he did not want to pay attention to his large, lucrative winnings.

“Some of us like to be conservative,” Murray told The Post on Thursday.

Wayne Murray celebrated his $10 million win earlier this week in the 200X lottery game in New York. New York lottery

H&A store employee Hassan Nabil described Murray as a regular customer at the store, adding that he had not changed since his win last year. Nabil said he believes Murray continues to play the lottery because he seems to enjoy it.

“He is a very ordinary man,” the worker told the newspaper on Thursday.

The odds of winning the 200X scratch-off game are 1 in 3.64 million, while the odds of winning the Black Titanium game are 1 in 3.53 million, according to the New York Lottery.

Lottery officials could not give their odds when asked by The Post.

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