The best Mario Day deals are already available, here's what you can choose from

all March 10th Nintendo celebrates Mario Day A celebration called: “March 10th” – see what they did there? It's a relatively minor issue, and one that received a little more attention than usual last year since The Super Mario Movie was a highly anticipated release shortly after.

We don't have a new movie this year, but there are still some notable deals you can actually commit to if you're interested. Digital deals on Mario games are already available, with around $20 off most games, along with some Switch accessories, LEGO, and more.

March 10 Sale: Switch Games is now down to $39.99

Several Mario Switch games appear in the sale with a $20 discount. That's a pretty standard bargain price for Nintendo Switch games in 2024, but it's still notable for any new Switch owners or those who've missed a few games over the past few years. This includes popular entries like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Party Superstars, and more for $39.99.

Sale on March 10th

Mario Party stars

Nintendo Switch – Digital Code.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Sale on March 10th

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo Switch – Digital Code.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Sale on March 10th

Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo Switch – Digital Code.

March 10th Sale: Super Mario LEGO sets

There are a decent few mario lego sets Checking out now is on sale on March 10, with a few early entries looking fairly noticeable. This includes Mario And Peach cycle kits for beginners Both are down to $47.99, instead Donkey Kong Treehouse Expansion Set It's down to $53.90 right now as well. These are just early renders, so we may see more in the coming days as well.

March 10 sale: Nintendo Switch Online 14-day free trial

Also as part of MAR10 Day, Nintendo is offering a free 14-day trial membership to Nintendo Switch Online (normally 7 days), available now through March 17. This is even available to those who have used a free trial before, so there's plenty of opportunity to take advantage of this offer while it's still live.

And while we're talking about Switch Online, it's worth noting that any paid Switch Online member can currently get 50 My Nintendo Platinum Points to redeem for Classic Mario icon items when they play Super Mario World on SNES via Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online: 14-day free trial membership

Sale on March 10th

Nintendo Switch Online: 14-day free trial membership

Available until March 17th.

MAR10 Day Sale: The ultimate Switch SD card for $25

The best Switch SD card should be as fast, reliable, and future-proof as possible. The latter is important, because it's very likely that we'll be getting a Switch successor/Nintendo's next console within the next year or so (if rumors are to be believed). Therefore, you will want to choose the latest SD card technology, which is Micro SDXC UHS-I U3 A2 V30 Memory Card.

There's a lot of spam out there, so to save you some time, we've left our top suggestions and offers below for your convenience. To see more SD card deals, be sure to check out our roundup of the best SD card deals.

Samsung Evo Select 512GB Micro SD Card
TeamGroup A2 Pro Plus 512GB card

March 10 Sale: Accessories offers from PowerA

Amazon has a limited-time sale going on in celebration of Mario Day on March 10. You can now afford some PowerA specific accessories (cases and controllers) that are designed specifically around Mario. You can find some of our favorite picks from the sale below, but to see the full list of available deals head over PowerA Mario Accessories Deals Page.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Nintendo Switch Controller - Friends of the Mushroom Kingdom

PowerA Wired Enhanced Nintendo Switch Controller – Mushroom Kingdom friends

PowerA Slim Case for Nintendo Switch - Super Mario Black - OLED Model, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite

PowerA Slim Case for Nintendo Switch – Super Mario Black – OLED Model, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch low fat

PowerA Slim Case for Nintendo Switch - Go Yoshi - OLED Model, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite

PowerA Slim Case for Nintendo Switch – Go Yoshi – OLED Model, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch low fat

March 10 Sale: LEGO and Princess Peach raffle

Finally, you can also currently enter some Nintendo sweepstakes to win Mario-themed LEGOs, or costumes from the BlackMilk x Princess Peach collection. We'll leave a link below where you can enter both.

Sweepstakes for March 10

On March 10th the lottery

Win a Mario-themed LEGO, or costume from the BlackMilk x Princess Peach collection

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