‘The Batman’ series Prequel Canceled: No Spinoff Shows on HBO Max

Crusader head will not On the small screen, after all: an accidental plot for the Warner Bros. New Pictures Batmanwhich was previously announced on HBO Max, has been suspended for the live broadcast.

Batman Director Matt Reeves broke the news on Monday’s episode of happy sad confused The podcast, where he said, “One thing we didn’t do was I would…So, there’s the Gotham Police Show, which has already been put on hold. We’re not really doing that.”

When was the potential popup First announced in July 2020, described as a deeper examination of the “Anatomy of Corruption in Gotham City” that would unlock “a new Batman world across multiple platforms.” Later that year, at DC FanDome, Reeves explained The presentation should serve as an introductory introduction to the “first year” Batmanchronicles the “First Appearance, the first appearance of this masked ranger who begins to destabilize the city” of Gotham.

“You begin to see the story through the point of view of these corrupt cops, and one in particular. And the story is actually a battle for [the cop’s] Soul,” he explained at the time.

And while Reeves said, happy sad confused He said the initial initial idea was “very cool to me,” he told HBO Max and Warner Bros. They were ultimately interested in telling a different story. Although he hopes “maybe one day” to visit the Gotham City Police Department, Reeves too Unveiled for The Cyber ​​Nerds In a recent Q&A that the project has since evolved into a project that may focus on Arkham Asylum instead.

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HBO Max still plans to explore the world in Reeves Batman Film by sub-series Centered on Oswald Cobblepot by Colin Farrell (also known as The Penguin) from the movie. It is said that Farrell will be involved in and executive produce the project, which will “deep into Penguin’s rise to power in the criminal underworld of Gotham.”

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