The AT&T and Verizon outages that cut off phone calls have ended

AT&T and Verizon The outage has been resolved This caused phone calls to be interrupted throughout the United States. The issue appears to have affected calls between customers of the two services.

AT&T spokesman Jim Kimberly said it was in the midst of the outage the edge“Our network is experiencing outages across the country. There is a nationwide issue impacting the ability of some customers to complete calls between carriers. We are working closely with Verizon to determine the nature of the issue and what actions should be taken.”

Verizon spokesman Kevin H. King also said the network is “operating normally” but noted that customers primarily in the Northeast and Midwest are experiencing issues “when calling or texting with customers served by another carrier.”

We still don’t know exactly when the outage began or what caused it. Verizon And AT&T Charts on Downdetector indicate that the issues may have started around 2 PM ET, with the issues being resolved around 8 PM ET.

The Federal Communications Commission also considered the issue. “We are aware of reports that consumers in multiple states are unable to make wireless calls and are currently investigating,” the FCC wrote in Share on X.

In February, a major AT&T outage knocked out service to thousands of customers across the country. The carrier later apologized for the outage and offered a $5 credit to affected customers.

Updated June 4, 8:26 PM ET: Indicating that the outage has been resolved.

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