The Apple Watch Series 8 with LTE has been shut down by about half

We are officially one month away from spring. For many of us, this means that the weather will finally be nice enough for us to exercise outside. If you want to continue to keep a close eye on your fitness and health metrics while away from indoor gym equipment, do now Walmart Buy LTE enabled Apple Watch Series 8 For $299.99 ($200 off) in select colors with small/medium size band.

Apple's latest-generation flagship wearables aren't significantly different from the newer Apple Watch Series 9. You'll miss the Series 9's double tap feature and on-device Siri. However, you'll still be able to take advantage of many of the same health features, including EKG, menstrual cycle tracking, irregular heartbeat alerts, fall detection, and emergency calling. Additionally, the wearable features the same large always-on display as the Series 9.

If you have Compatible smart home hubMeross simple plugs can add essential intelligence to lamps, TVs, fans, coffee makers and other indoor gadgets so you can control them with your smartphone or voice via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Home. You can also add various automations, from setting schedules for the lights to programming your fan to turn on when it gets too hot.

The main difference between the two products is that the Matter-ready plug is more future-proof, with support for a wider range of smart home ecosystems. It also offers a different design that makes it difficult to fit two into one dual outlet. However, both are a good option if you're looking for simple, inexpensive smart plugs that don't need extras like power monitoring.

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