Texts show that Marjorie Taylor asked Green Meadows about martial law

Washington – In mid-January 2021, just days before President Joe Biden’s inauguration, Georgia’s Republican representative. Marjorie Taylor Green texted then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Announce martial law, according to CBS News and excerpts First reported by CNN. Green testified last week She has no memory Encouraged the President to impose martial law.

“In our private chat with members only, many say that the only way to save our republic is to call for Trump martial law,” Green wrote to Meadows on January 17, 2021. “I do not know about them. I have to tell you. They stole this election. We all know. They will destroy our country next. Please tell us to classify him as much as possible so that we can follow Pitana and anyone else!”

This was one of several texts sent to Green Meadows on January 6, 2021, in the post-election period. Those who attacked Capitol on January 6 told Green Meadows that they were “antifa” dressed as Trump supporters. Lawns He flipped through his text messages It refused to cooperate further with the group after the January 6 investigation into the attack.

CNN first exchanged more than 2,000 texts with Meadows’ top aides, TV personalities, members of Congress and GOP activists.

It is not clear from the records whether Meadows responded.

Green, who is fighting the constituency’s challenge to prevent Georgia from appearing on the ballot, testified at an administrative hearing on Friday. Do not remember Encouraged the president to impose martial law as a way to stay in power.

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“I do not remember,” Green told the court Friday.

He also texted Green Meadows during the attack. He wrote on January 6, 2021, “I was told that there is an active sniper on the first floor of the Capitol. Please tell the President to calm the people down.”

January 7, the day after Attack on the CapitolGreen texted Meadows, “We did our best for the 6 states”, and he blamed the anarchists for the melee in Capitol, although he had no evidence to support his accusation.

“Excuse me, nothing worked,” she continued. “I do not think President Trump caused the attack on Capitol. It was not his fault. Antifa was provoked by crows and followed safely by the people. But after a year-long closed election and a rigged election, people say they have no choice. I supported Trump on Newsmax last night. He has been a great president. . ”

“Thanks Marjorie,” Meadows replied.

Green sent a text message to Meadows on December 31, 2020, before January 6, although it is not clear from the records whether Meadows responded.

“Good morning, Mark, I’m here in DC,” Green wrote on December 31. We have to arrange for the 6th. I would love to meet Rudy Giuliani again. Couldn’t talk to him for long. And anyone can help. We get a lot of members in the team. We have to make the best case for each state. ”

Others texted Meadows on January 6 Capitol transcended At 2pm, in a speech confirmed by CBS News, Donald Trump Jr. texted Meadows, “He should condemn this insult. Soon. Capt. Police tweet is not enough.”

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Trump Jr. wrote to Meadows, “This is where you go for cushions. If it gets worse, they will try his whole legacy about it.”

Trump Jr.’s tweets may be his father’s response Tweet At 2:38 pm, no mention was made of the riot: “Please support our Capitol Police and law enforcement. They are really on our side of the country. Be quiet!”

Meadows gave speeches to the group, and was a Republican from Illinois. Adam Kingsinger said “Face the Nation” last month.I do not believe the Meadows have given up everything. “

“He collaborated with us for a while, and then, in an attempt to please Donald Trump, he stops cooperating,” Kinsinger said. “We came back to him and gave him plenty of room to pursue it again. He’s not.”

Katherine Watson contributed to this report.

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