Tesla Cybertruck spotted with a hood that looks like a Ford F-150

A photo of a Tesla Cybertruck with a wrap that makes it look like a Ford F-150 has leaked from a Tesla store.

It looks like Tesla is trolling, but more importantly, the photo raises questions about the Cybertruck.

Lately, we’ve seen several Tesla Cybertruck models with wrap-around driving in California.

It looks like the automaker is either hiding its Cybertruck Edition candidates or testing the covers on its electric trucks, or both.

But now the Cybertruck has been leaked with more, let’s say, creative detour from the Tesla store.

Greggertruck shared the photo on Twitter:

After camouflaging the first two Cybertrucks spotted with the wraps, Tesla seems to be getting around by making the truck look like a normal pickup truck.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk famously said that pickup trucks, like the F-150, look boring because pickup truck designs haven’t changed in 30 years.

This automaker will probably test the release filter on the roads and get people talking, which is probably the goal here.

But the leaked image might be a more interesting take on the best-looking Cybertruck under the hood yet.

That raised doubts about the Cybertruck having a front truck, at all:

It’s possible that the liner isn’t bolted on and the Cybertruck has a storage box, but it looks like it would be rather small if it was.

It would be the first Tesla without a storage box, if that turns out to be the case.

Frunks are also thought to be more valuable in electric pickup trucks than in regular passenger electric cars since they have beds instead of bags.

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In the case of the Cybertruck, it’s not so bad because it has an enclosed bed, but it might be nice to have access to a separate enclosed area.

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