Ten people were killed in a mid-air collision between two Navy helicopters in Malaysia

Video explanation, A video on social media shows a Navy helicopter crashing

Ten people were killed after two Malaysian Navy helicopters collided in mid-air during a military parade exercise for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Footage published by local media showed that one of the helicopters collided with the other's propeller before colliding with the ground.

The accident occurred at 09:30 local time (02:30 GMT) in the Malaysian town of Lumut, which has a naval base.

There are no known survivors.

Image source, Perak Fire and Rescue Department

Comment on the photo, Rescuers remove debris from the helicopter

“All the victims were confirmed dead at the site and the remains have been sent to the hospital [Lumut] “Military hospital for identification,” the Royal Malaysian Navy said.

She added that she would form a committee to investigate the causes of the accident.

One of the helicopters, a HOM M503-3 with seven people on board, is believed to have crashed on the running track.

The other plane, a Fennec M502-6, which was carrying the other three victims, crashed into a nearby swimming pool.

The state Fire and Rescue Department said it was alerted to the accident at 09:50 local time (01:50 GMT).

“The nation mourns the heart-wrenching tragedy,” Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

He added: “Our condolences to all the families of the victims and our prayers for strength to confront this disaster.”

In March, a Malaysian Coast Guard helicopter crashed into the sea off the Malaysian island of Angsa during a training flight.

Fishermen found and rescued the pilot, his co-pilot, and two passengers on board the plane.

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