Taylor Swift fan Ana Benevitis’ father speaks out: ‘I’ve lost my only daughter…’

The father of a Taylor Swift fan who died on Friday 17 November 2023 has spoken out about the death of his ‘only daughter’.

She expressed her desire for a brief inquest into the events that preceded her daughter’s death.

Ana Clara Benevitis, 23, died ahead of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour performance at the Estadio Olimpico Nilton Santos in Rio de Janeiro. He is said to have collapsed due to excessive heat. Reports say he suffered a heart attack—however, the cause of death is yet to be revealed.

Speaking to Folha de São Paulo newspaper, Ana’s father, Weiny Machado,53, said, “I lost my only daughter, a happy and intelligent girl. She was saving money and was going to graduate in psychology next April. There are no words to express my pain. She died after leaving home to fulfill a dream. .

In addition, she said she wanted a brief inquest into the events that unfolded before her daughter’s death. “I want them to find out whether they were actually prevented from bringing water and were negligent in providing assistance.”

“I know the singer is giving water to her fans and it’s ridiculous for an event of this magnitude. Nothing will bring my daughter back, but if the negligence is confirmed, I hope someone is punished so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Ana’s father Wayne Machado speaks out about his daughter’s death. (TV Globo)

The concert’s organizers, T4F aka Time For Fun, released a statement on Ana’s death before Taylor postponed her Saturday night concert citing rising temperatures in Rio.

The entertainment company, which faced major backlash for not allowing fans to bring water into the stadium, has announced it has adopted new measures.

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“Considering the forecast of increased heat stress in the city, we are reinforcing the special program undertaken for the first day of the event, especially the provision of free water at queues and all accesses. Entrances to the arena and inside. Through this, new free drinking water distribution points will be available to the public during the event,” they started.

“Entry of sealed glasses of water and sealed processed food will also be allowed into the stadium, there is no limit of items per person. We make it clear that items need to be sealed following safety recommendations.”

“We insist that banning water bottles from entering stadiums is a requirement of public bodies and we do not sell drinks and food, which is the responsibility of the stadium management,” they concluded.

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