Tactics Ogre: Reborn’s ‘Final’ Trailer

Square Enix Released the ‘final’ trailer for RPG Strategy remastered Ghoul Tactics: Reborn.

Here is an overview of the game, via Square Enix:


ghoul tacticsThe crown jewel of the tactical role-playing genre, has been reborn!

Based on the 2010 version, the game features improved graphics and sound, as well as an updated game design, bringing new life to life. ghoul tactics that remains true to its roots. ghoul tactics Veterans will experience a game beyond their cherished memories, while new players ghoul tactics They will discover a game different from any they have played before. Reborn and deeper than ever, the game allows players to immerse themselves in the world and stir up intrigues ghoul tactics like never before.

a story

Valerian Islands, jewels of the Obero Sea. Long a center of maritime trade, islanders throughout history have struggled to control its shores.

Finally, a man rose to put an end to this conflict: Durgaloa Obirith. But history will know him as the “king of the family.” King Dorgaloa sought to eliminate hatred among the islanders, and for half a century, Valeria had known prosperity.

However, after the king’s death, civil war broke out again as three factions vied for control: the Bikram, who made up a large part of the Valerian nobility; Galestani, whose inhabitants make up the majority of the islands’ population; And Alister, who was only a few.

Soon the islands were divided between Bikram and Galestani, and an uneasy peace settled across the land. However, no one thought that the calm would last…

Feature guides

  • tactical role playing game Depict the struggle for control of the Valerian Islands.
  • Your choices affect how the story develops, and even how it ends, with a game system that allows for multiple paths through the game and multiple endings. The story takes place through the eyes of a young man named Dynam. The decisions he makes will change the fate of those around him, change the course of Valeria’s history.
  • Fight intense tactical battles in 3D battlefields. A fully revamped AI enables enemies to adapt their tactics to the situation, providing a battle system that keeps you always in mind and never out of date.
  • class level level Management system used in Ghoul Tactics: Let’s cling to each other (2010) to a unit level system separately. Theoretically craft your way through endless combinations of classes, equipment, skills, and magic.
  • Enjoy many playability improvements such as speeding up the pace of the battle, auto-save, and overhauling the controls and UI to make it easier than ever to enter the game.
  • Unmatched detail of original characters and backgrounds Ghoul Tactics: Let’s cling to each other (1995) painstakingly in high resolution.
  • Cinematic scenes are entirely voiced in English and Japanese, and all music has been re-recorded with live performances! Voices bring new life to the complex motivations of the characters that make up the factions and the shifts of political alliances for this epic story.
  • When you get far enough in the game, you will unlock the World Tarot, allowing you to return to the story with the power of your troops intact; An incredibly useful feature in a game where your choices have a huge impact on how the story develops. If you’ve been wondering why there is a different option, now you can find out!
  • The return is not limited to the story. Chariot Tarot allows you to rewind a certain number of moves during battle. In a game of tactical battles where one mistake can mean the difference between victory and defeat, you can play without worrying that you will be back in the corner.
  • Enjoy plenty of end-game content such as the 100-level Mansion of the Dead.

Ghoul Tactics: Reborn scheduled to go out to PlayStation 5And the Playstation 4And the convertsAnd the computer Across steam On November 11th. Read more about the game over hereAnd the over hereAnd the over hereAnd the over here.

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Watch the trailer below.

Final Trailer



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