Switch Android Emulator Skyline Halts Development Due to ‘Potential Legal Risk’

Photo: Nintendo Live

The developers behind the popular Switch Android emulator Skyline have announced an open source project It is no longer in active development.

in Shared post on Discord, the team revealed that it had received a DMCA takedown notice from Nintendo. The catch here is that the removal is actually related to Lockpick – a homebrew that gets rid of the Switch security keys that are then used with that emulator. Nintendo believes Lockpick is circumventing and violating its copy protection.

Skyline Team: We find ourselves in a situation where we are likely to be violated [Nintendo’s] Copyright By continuing to develop our project, Skyline, by offloading keys from our Transformers…All development on Skyline has been stopped due to the potential legal risks involved, and this site will remain in operation for the time being but may be taken down in the future.

Although Skyline has ceased development, the emulator is still technically legal according to the team, and as a result, repository builds and software will still be available for the foreseeable future. From now on, there will be no support.

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