Supermodels: How Linda, Cindy, Christy, Naomi and Tatjana defined an era

Part of it is knowing we’ll probably never see the likes of them again. “Models aren’t popular anymore,” Dukas says. “The industry has evolved into something different. Brands now want to hire girls who have a large following on social media. Ad agencies have pretty much hit the wall and people are just cutting right off.” “. To chase, it’s an extraordinary power for people like Kendall [Jenner] Gigi and Bella [Hadid], and big social media stars. They sell products. “Everyone buys what they have.”

Unlike the original supermodels, whose careers gave them a lifestyle they could only dream of, today’s bigger faces are often already rich and famous. Some of them are even children of supermodels – such as Cindy’s daughter Kaia and Kate Moss’s daughter Lila.

“The people who wear and market fashion now are so diverse, whether they’re influencers, models, actresses… whatever. It’s everywhere,” says Chambers. Storm launched Vision, a dedicated arm for content creators, 13 years ago. “We’ve tried to stay ahead of the curve and embrace this new digital world because everything is evolving,” Dukas says. They’re still exploring (Ducasse recently spotted a chorus girl at The King’s Coronation), but the chance of a new face emerging who reaches the heights of Cindy, Naomi, Linda and Christy is slim.

“Unless something extraordinary happens, I don’t think I could find someone like Kate at JFK or Christie’s in San Francisco, or Naomi in London, and make them as famous as they are now. It would be almost impossible.”

The Super Models premieres on Apple TV+ on September 20.

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