Summary: Reviews are in for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet – The Teal Mask

So, what do other outlets think? Start with IGNAnd she offers more of the same:

“If you were considering The Teal Mask because you thought Scarlet and Violet were fun and you just want more Pokemon, this DLC will definitely give you that.”

the edge He summarized it as a “short and sweet reminder” of Scarlet and Violet’s true potential:

“The blue mask It doesn’t solve much carmine And VioletBasic gameplay issues, and people hoping for a major overhaul will be somewhat disappointed. But playing the DLC at a time when rumors of a Switch follow-up have veered into “it’s getting serious” territory is especially fun because you can clearly see how larger hardware can really work wonders carmine And Violet And how a more Kitikami-like approach to design could be what makes the future big Pokemon Shine the game.”

Kotaku He said the new DLC captures “the best and worst parts” of the base game, but felt the DLC experience held up to the Indigo Disk:

“The final scene of the DLC, which I won’t spoil here, at least suggests that these small stories may soon escalate into something bigger, and given how successful they’ve been carmine And Violet“Game Freak’s writing has dealt with stories of trauma, especially that felt by children, and I’m very excited to see how Game Freak wraps up this story in the next download.”

CGM Magazine He called it a “worthwhile field trip”:

“Despite its flaws, The Teal Mask DLC, with its new location and interesting side quests, elevates the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet experience – perfect for those looking for a return trip to the vibrant world of Paldea.”

And Digital trends He didn’t mind the first DLC, but felt it didn’t do enough to address the game’s biggest main problems:

“Although these technical shortcomings become more disappointing with each release, it is a testament to the power of Pokémon that I still enjoy them. Teal maskMain story in one sitting. There’s an inherent joy in collecting new monsters and watching my Pokédex fill up. Even in the series’ weakest moments, that episode you loved as a kid still holds its power here.”

What are your impressions of Teal Mask so far? Let us know in the comments.

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