Summary of the fourth episode of ‘House of the Dragon’: 11 details you missed

Viserys mentions Aenar Targaryen – the one who listened to 12-year-old Daenys when she had a dragon dream about Doom of Valyria.

A scene from the series “House of the Dragon”, season one, episode four, “King of the Narrow Sea”.


The Targaryen dynasty ultimately owes its existence to a young girl, even if it is not mentioned as often as the Aenar.

The Doom of Valyria, often called Doom, was a disastrous event that destroyed the thriving city full of dragons and dragon emperors.

Valyria was home to the original Targaryen and Velaryon families (which is why people from both houses often debate the importance of their dynasty). They are the only two families to survive Valeria’s torment, and the credit goes to a little girl named Daine.

Twelve years before the disaster, Denise had a prophetic dream about the destruction of Valeria. Her father, Aenar (the man Viserys mentions in this episode), agrees to move the House Targaryen across the Narrow Sea.

Known as “Daenys the Dreamer,” the Daenys fostered a belief in the Targaryens that their dreams could be real, and predicted events in the future.

That is why it is worth noting that the Valerian steel dagger bearing the inscription of the “Song of Ice and Fire” prophecy was the property of Einar Targaryen.

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