Street Fighter 6’s leaked menu looks surprisingly good

A group of martial artists including Street Fighter's Ryu and Chun-Li stand ready to fight.

Jamie, Chun-Li, Luke, and Ryu are given official statements, but their fellow fighters can’t wait to be seen.
picture: Capcom

The Latest state of play included Quick look at Street Fighter 6, which is currently slated for release in 2023. But Capcom’s new fighting game often means we’re in the store for some Capcom fighting game leaks. This time, it only took a few hours to make the artwork for what appears to be a large part of Street Fighter 6 List to appear online.

Related Images (check them out over here) began to multiply through social media on Thursday evening, revealing several characters that will be playable in them Street Fighter 6. There’s Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke wearing their updated designs, of course, as well as well-known newcomers Jamie and Kimberly, but don’t let that fool you: This is a huge deal that will likely waste months of Capcom distillery-forage marketing plans for the game.

Kotaku I contacted Capcom for comment but did not receive a response prior to publication.

all in all , Street Fighter 6 The leak pulls the curtain on nearly 20 individual characters, including veterans like Kane, Zangeev, Dalcim, E Honda, Blanca, Gil, Kami, DJ, Rashid, Gauri, Ed, and Akuma. The real excitement, at least in my mind, comes from the new faces standing side by side with the old, which I did my best to describe in the list below.

  • Marisathe most noticeable (and perhaps an attempt by Capcom to take more advantage of the Internet Giant lady install), is an Italian woman with a bust with an MMA-like appearance and a serious case of helmet hair.
  • French beginner Memein her judo clothes, she gives me “Abel from Street Fighter IVFeelings though have a much better style.
  • Layla She is a Mexican girl who wears an indigenous costume and wields a pair of batons that may have been inspired by the Aztecs. quauhololi.
  • It seems that a lot of people think JPwhich is elegant Russian, connected to Street Fighter IIIs and Street Fighter VIn a way or another. All I know is that the peach-colored suit suits him.
  • Kimberlywho was prominently disturbed at the end of yesterday Street Fighter 6 Presentation, she will be the first black woman to be played in the series. I really love her giant braids walkman.
  • Finally, AKI She is a killer character from China whose name and appearance have been compared to Street Fighter V Villain FANG

Update 06/03/2022 2:51 p.m. ET: In addition to the leaked images, two videos have surfaced online. The first shows Cammy (in her trademark leotard rather than the pants seen in the artwork, interestingly enough) Superior motion performancewhile the second is Quick look at Street Fighter 6 existing. The latter also seems to indicate that Mimi, the new French fighter, may in fact be called Manon, common female name in her.

It’s always wise to be skeptical about these kinds of things, but there are plenty of indications that Street Fighter 6 The dropout is legitimate.

Although I wasn’t able to track down the original source — my search ended in a dead end on a random Discord server where the images were uploaded over an hour before they appeared on sites like Twitter, Reddit and 4chan — the artwork was nearly perfect matches a Leaked months ago From a well-known insider. Street Fighter 6 The assets released along with yesterday’s preview suggest there are many such characters in the game, from obvious choices like Cammy and Guile to pre-leak secrets Kimberly and Marisa.

I’m sure this leak is the real deal. And if not, it is the work of an incredibly skilled artist who was very fortunate to match official Capcom designs based only on vague descriptions, and quickly enough to produce a lot of artwork shortly after Street Fighter 6 Presentation or both.

However, two questions remain. It is still not clear if all of these characters will be on file Street Fighter 6 The release list or if it is supposed to be partly distributed by subsequent updates. Furthermore, we don’t know for sure that everyone is past the design phase, although the unified aesthetics and presentation lead me to believe that this is an internal asset that escaped the Capcom battle game team ship leak very early on.

Anyway, this Street Fighter 6 The leak has already started to build a level of hype among fans that more official shows have largely failed to attract. I’m not sure Capcom and the outside contractors are up to the task of translating these amazing designs into 3D based on how ugly some of the characters in the game are. Street Fighter V It turns out, but consider me a cautious optimist about the franchise for the first time in years.

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