Stats from the Bills-Bengals game Monday night will not count

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No stats from nine minutes of the Bills-Bengals game played Monday night will count towards any team or player’s stats.

The NFL’s policy on canceled game states, “To cancel a game means to void it either before or after it has started and to make no provision for it to be rescheduled or for its score or other performance statistics to be included in league records.”

this means Joe Burrowa touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd It won’t appear in any players’ statistics, nor will it show any yards, tackles, field goals, or anything else. As far as official league stats are concerned, the canceled game is being treated as if it never happened.

Some fantasy leagues and sportsbooks may choose to set their own policies to handle the situation, but if they’re keeping track of the official stats, it’s as if no part of the game was ever played.

Burrow was poised to break the NFL’s all-time career completion record Monday night, as he just entered the game 12 fewer pass attempts than qualify. Officially, 12 pass attempts still falls short of qualifying and he would be the new NFL record holder if he threw at least 12 passes on Sunday against the Ravens.

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