Starfield is free on Game Pass but is still topping the sales charts

Starfield The developer announced that this is Bethesda’s “biggest game launch ever”. On Twitter, with over 6 million players as of September 6, and its initial sales numbers appear to match the great reception. after Release in early access Starting August 31st then it will be launched globally on September 6th. Starfield It tops the digital and physical sales charts – despite being available at no cost to some as The Game Pass title is free.

It maintains offline Its position is number twothat Presumably for the first time in August, on Steam’s global sales chart. The game still can’t break Counter Strike: Global Offensive11-year winning streak, but she’s definitely doing her best: Now, he sits At around 200,000 concurrent players. While this is hardly a quarter CS: Gomillion concurrent players, Starfield It stands above other Bethesda RPGs that defined the era Skyrim (about 20,000 concurrents), Fallout 4 (15,000 concurrent), f The Elder Scrolls Online (14,000 concurrent).

then, Starfield take over the United Kingdom Physical sales chart last week, Dethroned Hogwarts Legacy And Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Starfield is No. 1 in the UK boxed charts, which is impressive,” GamesIndustry.Biz president Christopher Dring wrote in Twitter thread on September 10. “It’s not the biggest actual launch of 2022; […] But they are almost identical Diablo 4This is important because Diablo 4 It was a huge digital success.

“Throw in Game Pass,” Dring continued. “This could be the biggest launch of 2023. And that’s saying something.”

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While Xbox and PC owners with Game Pass subscriptions are able to play Starfield For free, some Bethesda fans are choosing to part with just $70 to create a more impressive launch for Starfield.

“I’m a Game Pass subscriber, and I purchased the digital version,” one person said in Dring’s Twitter thread. “Three reasons: play [the Digital Premium Edition] Early on, Xbox support, Bethesda Studios support. It’s something I’ll be playing for years to come; The better, the more support and content the game will have in the future.

Bethesda has not officially announced yet Starfield Sales figures. Kotaku I have reached out to parent company Microsoft for comment.

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