Spurs notes: Branham, Wesley, Walker, Susan, Popovic

Regal Branham And the Blake Wesley like Tottenham Because of their competitiveness in the pre-draft exercise, the team decided to take both players, he writes Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express News. The two guards were matched against each other in a 3v3 brawl and both took advantage of the opportunity.

“I felt like we were competing for somewhere, so I was going to push harder and catch it,” Wesley said of Branham. He also tried to outdo Duke Wendell Morwho was also involved in the melee, explaining, “They had a lot more noise than me, so I wanted to go to them.”

Director general Brian Wright He said Tottenham expected Branham to be picked in his mid-teens or possibly late in the lottery and were ready to trade him before he fell to 20th.

“He’s smart, strong, competitive and adaptable, and those are all things we were looking to find in this draft,” Wright said.

There is more from San Antonio:

  • The addition of two guards casts doubt on the future Lonely WalkerOrsborn, who heads a free agency, adds Orsborn in a separate story. Spurs could make him tied by extending a qualifying bid of $6.3 million by Wednesday, but there may be no role for him in San Antonio. “He’s done a fantastic job with his development over the years and we’ve seen the consistency he’s brought up, especially in the second half of the season when he’s made so much progress,” Wright said. “In due course, we’ll sit down with (his representatives) and with him and try to figure out what’s next for him and the franchise.”
  • Jeff MacDonald from the San Antonio Express News Looking at the international background for the selection of the lottery Jeremy Suchan, who had to learn basketball from his mother because there were not many good coaches in the English city where the family lived when he was young. The organization was impressed with Sochan’s diversity and planned to use it along the front line.
  • Fitness Trainer Greg Popovich Each of Tottenham’s selections called on Thursday night to welcome them to the team, MacDonald TweetsIt is a very clear indication that Popovic is planning to return for another season.
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