Spotlight capture for Twins OF Byron Buxton begins the first 8-5 triple-play in MLB recorded history

Sometimes, you go to the playground and see something you’ve never seen before. Like the Minnesota Twins Converting a type of triple play that has not been recorded in MLB history.

Faced with a Chicago White Sox with no teams and men in the first and second in the seventh inning, twins player Griffin Jax ceded what looked like a three-stroke Homer, or at least an extra baseball hit, to A.J. Bullock. Ryan Jeffers, the hunter of the twins, seemed to think so, and immediately sank forward when he saw the contact.

And then, well, Buxton put on very good play, while the White Sox core players put in very poor play.

Adam Engel started the play in second place while Yoann Moncada was in first. Buxton made a marked reel while none of the key players were tagged, then got the ball fast enough for Twins third base champion Gio Urshela to tag Moncada between the second, third and second mark to take out Engel.

It was the first recorded 8-5 triplex in MLB history, According to Sarah Lange of

To be fair to the White Sox, the Statcast had a fly ball from Pollock as 389-foot roads with 0.820 xBA, which is 82 percent off baseline. Then again, that still leaves an 18 percent chance of a very embarrassing mistake, and it’s a historic mistake at that.

White Sox manager Tony La Russa’s face really says it all.

It should come as no surprise that Buxton is the one who started the first of its kind triathlon. The 28-year-old has always been one of the best in the game when healthy, both on the arm and on the range. He was also responsible for only running the twins up to that point, hitting Homer twice in the fifth inning.

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The Buxton’s 22 Homers tied him to a fourth in the MLS, with a .227/.302/.576 slash on the season. Between his strength and his on-field presence, he remains a first-time candidate for the All-Star career this month.

Byron Buxton and the twins did something unprecedented against the White Sox. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

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