Spotify created its own font, and it’s everywhere within the app

Spotify’s latest update clearly changes the audio streaming service to improve the experience for your eyeballs rather than your ears. Spotify Mix – the company’s new dedicated font – is rolling out starting today, replacing the font Circular line variable Which Spotify currently uses across its apps and desktop experiences.

The confusing name is a tribute to the “dynamic and evolving nature of audio culture over the years,” according to Spotify’s global head of brand design, Rasmus Wängelin. Spotify Mix was developed in collaboration with Berlin-based Dinamo Typefaces, with Wängelin saying the new variable font design is “a remix in every sense” born from incorporating elements from a variety of different font styles.

“The result is a sans-serif typeface that blends features from both classic and contemporary styles, creating a distinctive and unique look,” says Wängelin in Spotify press release. “We’ve subtly combined sound waveforms to evoke a rhythmic feel. The combination of sharp angles and soft curves gives the font a distinct character that’s quintessentially Spotify-like.

The company intends to use Spotify Mix in everything from playlists to marketing campaigns. Since this is a variable font — which basically means that things like weight, width, tilt, and other variables can be changed without needing separate files — it should be pretty easy for Spotify to customize. This provides some creative flexibility, allowing things like playlist covers, promos, and other content to appear more diverse while still sharing a cohesive design.

The wordmark in the Spotify logo will also be updated to the new font, which can already be seen on the page Company news portal. Languages ​​with Latin script and content written in Vietnamese will be the first to use Spotify Mix, which will be rolled out gradually “over the coming weeks.”

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