Spider-Man to go through and beyond The Spider-Verse in the sequel

Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man inside the spider world, is the first Spider-Man movie to deal with the cracked multiverse, and it’s one of the best superhero movies of the modern era. And its sequel is one of the most anticipated, which Makes it hard to bear the news of the understandable delay.

But while we won’t be seeing the movie anytime soon, we do have their titles—yes, Both. Speaking Monday at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller announced the official titles for the two. spider verse supplement: Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse And Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.

This is not all. The film will take place in six universes And 240 characters. These characters include Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, an eagle inspired by Da Vinci, Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-Man 2099, Jessica Drew (played by Issa Rae), and nearly 230 other characters. For comparison, there were nearly 40 characters in 2018 spider verse.

“You can’t make a movie based on it being unique and groundbreaking and then do the same thing over again,” Miller said. “So we had to, you know, try to break out a new path. And so it was a lot bigger, the biggest cast of an animated movie ever.”

“That’s right,” Lord added. We broke a record in the first spider verse. The original record was five hundred or so crew members. The first spider broke with eight hundred. This movie has a thousand people working on it.”

Lord and Miller were on hand to share the actual footage of the movie, and so was it AV . Club Film editor Todd Gilchrist summed up the footage for you, dear reader:

Lord and Miller provided the footage indicating that Spider-Gwen’s footage was “more graphic,” and reflective of her world. The footage did not consistently prove this but only because what was shown was clearly incomplete – details that Lord and Miller have confirmed many times. However, Gwen arrives home to find her father, George, bent at the sink and they exchange tense pleasantries before declaring that the police may have taken a respite in locating “Spider Girl”. His walkie-talkie announces a crime in progress in the Guggenheim involving Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture, and makes a quick exit. She opens the bass drum in her bedroom, revealing the spider suit, before leaving to fight the eagle.

Her dad is already there, but she pulled him out of harm’s way with a blast of web fluid that stuck him in his police car. Inside the Guggenheim, Vulture looks like it has leaped to life from a sketch of Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine, complete in fluent Italian. She begins to fight him, but is interrupted when another hero intervenes – Spider-Man 2099, although he has not declared himself. He and Gwen bicker while exchanging blows with Vulture until he “requests backup” via his electronic assistant, which he gently mocks. As the fight intensifies, a portal opens in the sky, and Jessica Drew flies through, on a motorcycle that can at first be confused with one of Akira’s if you’re not paying attention. Drew introduces herself to Gwen, announcing her very apparent five-month pregnancy as she rushes back into battle. Gwen contributes to the fight, leading Jessica to propose the year 2099, whom she refers only to his alter ego Miguel, to invite young Gwen to join the temporary superhero crew. He refuses, but the three help bring down Vulture, saving spectators in the process by tangling their nets to prevent a helicopter crash.

Gwen, tender from the fight, fails to realize that her father has broken free from the internet she has spun and infiltrated. Although she frankly admitted that she had run out of web fluid, he called her “armed” and tried to arrest her. She takes off her mask, reveals her true identity, and stuns her father. He can’t process what’s going on, and instead of including her as her father, he starts reading Miranda’s rights to her. Before he can finish, Jessica and Miguel wrap him in a “digital” web of sorts, inviting her to participate in what appears to be some sort of universe-hopping adventure to stop lone criminals who have been swallowed up from their own worlds.

The final scene involved Miles being late for a meeting with his guidance counselor. His parents had already arrived, and they were making excuses for him, but when he arrived, the chancellor dressed him up for his absence (his mother, Rio, is particularly upset because he was MIA in his Spanish lessons) and suggests that the best way for him to prepare for college admission is based primarily on a narrative His family’s race, ethnicity, and economic status—none of which she describes quite accurately, but she argues would help him get into Columbia University, the best school for further science and math exploration at which Miles excels. His mother worries that Columbia is too far from their home in Brooklyn, but when Miles Speedy’s sense of tingling begins, he runs out to see where the problem is, and quickly follows his father in service of his role as a police officer.

Originally slated to release in October, the movie was delayed (possibly because it had 240 characters in it). Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse (I hope) it swings to theaters next year, with its sequel, Beyond the spider verse, For the first time in 2024.

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