Speaker: “Mr. Snyder did not refuse to appear” before Congress

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The leadership’s owner, Daniel Snyder, objects to the claim that he refused to appear before the US House Oversight and Reform Committee for an affidavit.

A Snyder spokesman issued a statement Monday evening.

“Mr. Snyder did not refuse to come in for a certificate,” the statement explains. The commission offered only one date – June 30 – and Mr. Snyder’s lawyer is out of the country and unavailable on that date. Mr. Snyder’s counsel has provided alternative dates for the committee and looks forward to finding a way forward for further Mr. Snyder’s cooperation and to address remaining due process concerns.”

On Monday, the Oversight Committee claimed that Snyder did not refuse to attend but rather refused Refusal to accept summons notification.

Whether it’s semantics or something more substantive, it doesn’t matter. Collaboration has a distinct look and feel. The committee does not feel as though Snyder is cooperating.

Is Snyder busy? yes. But everyone is busy. The question is whether and to what extent certain actions are prioritized. Snyder did nothing to create the impression that he prioritized appearing before the committee. We’ll see if this changes.

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