Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez proposes ditching the tie to save energy

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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez The Spaniards are proposing to adopt a permanent casual dress code for Friday in an effort to conserve energy.

Sanchez wore a white open-necked shirt to a news conference on Friday to discuss the country’s annual performance.

“I would like you to point out that I don’t wear a tie. This means we can all make savings from an energy point of view,” the Prime Minister told reporters at the press conference. So I asked all ministers and public decision-makers [to follow suit]. ”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez speaks during a press conference at Moncloa Palace in Madrid on Friday, July 29, 2022.
(Eduardo Parra/Europe Press via Associated Press)

Sanchez also called on the private sector to get rid of the tie so that “we all contribute to the energy savings that are so much needed in our country,” but he did not specify how the measure would be carried out. It would limit the use of facilities.

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with temperature Exceeding 104 degrees Fahrenheit In many parts of the country, Spaniards rely on air conditioning.

On Thursday, Teresa Ribera, Spain’s environment minister, encouraged voters to pay attention to energy consumption, but stressed that the government did not expect people’s daily lives to be disrupted.

Wildfires are burning as parts of Spain are grappling with a record heat wave.

Wildfires are burning as parts of Spain are grappling with a record heat wave.
(AP Photo/Gregorio Marrero)

“We can ask the kids to turn off the lights, or we can keep the blinds closed…Using the thermostat correctly is also important,” she said.

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The cost of energy for Spanish companies and households has risen in recent months since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sanchez invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to "the aggressor."

Sanchez called Russian President Vladimir Putin an “aggressor”.
(Vladimir Astapkovich, Sputnik, Kremlin Paul Image via Associated Press)

Next week, Sanchez said, the government will unveil an energy-saving plan aimed at reducing utility bills and reliance on “the aggressor, (Russian President Vladimir Putin. ”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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