South Korea says North Korea will launch at least three missiles

Japan has announced that it has launched at least two missiles from North Korea, one of which was flying about 750 kilometers (466 miles) in “irregular trajectory”, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said.

Kishi said the missile landed outside Japan’s Special Economic Zone (EEZ).

Last week, a U.S. official Warned During Python’s voyage, North Korea appeared to be preparing for an intercontinental ballistic missile test, after satellite images revealed activity at a launch site near the capital, Pyongyang.
Biden met South Korea’s new President Eun Suk Yol Over the weekend, the two leaders said they would begin exploring the possibility of expanding joint military exercises between their countries.

When asked if North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would meet with him, Biden said, “It depends on whether he is honest and whether he is serious.”

To date, Biden’s strategy has not provided a working meeting with North Korea in more than a year.

Meanwhile, Yoon said South Korea and its allies were ready for North Korea’s provocative actions.

Last month Kim promised to “strengthen and improve”. Its nuclear powers At the “highest possible” speed.

The latest missiles are the 16th time North Korea has tested its missiles this year, with the United States believing the May 4 intercontinental ballistic missile test failed shortly after it was launched.

The U.S. military and intelligence agencies estimate that Pyongyang may be ready for its first underground nuclear test in almost five years.

CNN Jeremy Diamond. Kevin Liptak, Jessie Yeung and Paula Hancocks contributed to the reporting.

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