Sony’s new PlayStation Plus launches in the US with more than 800 games

When Sony announced the new PlayStation Plus tiered software in MarchIt promised that the most expensive Premium category would include “up to” 740 games from all five PlayStation consoles (and PlayStation Portable). Recently in the past month, the company had Only revealed a little over 100 games that will be included in the first-class subscription plan.

With the new PlayStation Plus launching today in the US, we can now see Complete catalog of titles Sony makes available to subscribers for download and/or streaming. That launch list goes well beyond Sony’s promises, including nearly 400 PS4/PS5 games (available in the “Extra” category or higher) and more than 460 games from previous console generations (available in the “Premium” category).

In terms of last-generation games, PlayStation Plus includes 34 games that also offer an “improved” PS5 version, along with a few PS5 exclusives like back And the demon souls. This list also includes 27 games from “Ubisoft Plus Classics” Provided by the major third-party publisher.

Meanwhile, in the “Classics Catalog” for the premium tier, there are hundreds of PS3 games that are only available via live streaming (which work in 720p in a quick test by Ars’ Sam Machkovech). Many games originally available for other consoles will also be available to stream via PS4, PS5 or PC at this level, as well as direct download on consoles.

PS1 games available on PlayStation Plus seem to run at the native 60Hz NTSC rate; They are not slower 50 Hz versions of PAL It is available in some other regions.

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Premium tier subscribers also get access to two-hour gaming experiences for select PS4 and PS5 games. Trial availability is very limited at the moment, although it only extends to 12 games, including Cyberpunk 2077 movie And the Wonders of Tiny Tina.

Players who aren’t interested in accessing downloadable/streaming games can still sign up for the limited basic level, which is almost the same as the previous PlayStation Plus offer. This $59.99 annual membership provides access to cloud saves, online multiplayer, and download of two specially selected games from the PS4/PS5 library.

Includes all new PlayStation Plus levels too Access to the PlayStation Plus collectionwith access to 19 classic PS4 games that can only be played on PS5 consoles.

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