Some states are moving quickly to ban abortion after the Supreme Court ruling

The three states of Kentucky, Louisiana and South Dakota are known as the “trigger barriers” that came into force automatically. The reverse of the Supreme Court on Friday was Ro We Wade, 1973 Judgment establishing the constitutional right to abortion. There are ten other states Trigger barriers With processing instructions that occur after a certain period of time or after a step taken by a state government agency.
Among the trigger-ban states in the latter category, Missouri has already made the necessary move to implement its ban on abortion. Attorney General Eric Schmidt announced FridayHe took the step of certification issued by Missouri law.

Oklahoma recently passed legislation banning most abortions, and the state’s attorney general’s office says it has taken steps to enforce its induction ban. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge certified the state’s trigger ban, which was allowed to take effect Friday, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced.

In Texas, the trigger ban is set to take effect on the 30th day of the Supreme Court’s judgment (court action in the coming weeks). Attorney General Ken Paxton Local lawyers have now announced that they may begin enforcing the abortion ban passed by the state before the RAW ruling.
Other states have bans on abortion, which have been blocked by courts citing Rowe’s guarantee of the right to abortion. Those states can act quickly to remove those court orders so that those restrictions can take effect. Alabama Governor Kay Ivy cites court order The state lifted the 2019 abortion ban And in a statement, Alabama said it would “immediately ask the court if there are any legal impediments to enforcing this law.”

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. The government has asked the Court of Appeal to lift the ban on abortion within six hours, with Slater III enforcing the injunction within 30 days. Weeks in pregnancy.

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Elsewhere in the country, state legislatures may soon be called back to session and pass tougher abortion laws that previously ran against Rowe.

Republican Gov. Eric J. of Indiana. Holcomb is scheduled to return to the General Assembly on July 6 so that lawmakers can consider legislation against abortion.

Clarification: This story has been updated to further clarify when the Texas stimulus ban will take effect. It is the 30th day since the Supreme Court issued its judgment and the court action after the verdict.

The story was updated on Friday with further improvements.

CNN’s Tami Luhby and Avery Lotz contributed to this report.

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