‘Snow White’ star Rachel Ziegler Angers Conservative Disney fans and fans insist on ‘Stalix’ movie prince character

Disney’s live-action Snow White may not premiere until 2024, but it will star Rachel Ziegler It’s already made clear that viewers need to prepare for a completely different retelling. In a recently emerged video of the actress speaking to Extra at the 2022 D23 Expo, Ziegler said of the film, “I mean, you know, the original cartoon came out in 1937 and very Obviously so. There’s a lot of focus on her love story with a man who literally haunts her.”

Then she laughed and added, “Weird! Weird. We didn’t do that this time.”

Ziegler also explained, “We have a different approach to what I’m sure a lot of people are going to assume is a love story just because we cast a guy in the movie, Andrew Burnab, an amazing guy. It’s one of those things where I think everybody’s going to have their assumptions about what it’s going to be like, But it’s not about the love story at all, which is really cool.”

When Ziegler’s comments resurfaced this week, they were expected to infuriate conservatives and die-hard Disney fans alike. While sharing a video from the interview, right-wing writer W Note the transphobe Matt Walsh tweeted, “Disney is trying a really interesting marketing strategy where Snow White’s new star spends a year before the movie’s release talking publicly about how much she despises Snow White.”

This isn’t the first time that Ziegler’s thoughts on the film have sparked controversy and great emotion. she joined Co-star Gal Gadot for an interview with Entertainment Weekly at the same event last year, and the pair covered everything from global leadership to not saving the prince.

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As Ziegler explained at the time, “The truth is, the cartoon was made 85 years ago, and as such, it’s very outdated when it comes to ideas of women in power roles, and what is appropriate for women in the world.”

Amazingly, the reason the conservatives are weighing in on the old comments this weekend seems to be due to Ziegler’s recent comment about the SAG-AFTRA strike. while speaking to Entertainment Tonight earlier this monthShe said, “If I’m going to stand there 18 hours a day in a famous Disney princess dress up, I deserve to be paid for every hour I stream.”

YouTuber Amala Ekpunobi tweeted in response, “Entitlement at its best. What a beautiful attitude for a woman meant to play Snow White.”

As TalkTV commentator Alex Armstrong said: “She must be one of the most starving actresses in modern Hollywood. Every interview she gives makes me hate her more.”

Maybe it’s time someone told Armstrong that if these interviews are anything to go by, Zegler isn’t all there to worry about as a fan.

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