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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Saturday (January 20) that neighboring Ukraine is not a sovereign country but is under the absolute control of the United States.

The populist politician, who opposes military aid to the war-torn country and opposes sanctions on Russia, also reiterated his opposition to Ukraine's attempt to join NATO.

“Ukraine is not an independent and sovereign state,” Fico told public radio RTVS. “Ukraine is under the complete influence and control of the United States.”

Slovakia is a member of both NATO and the European Union.

Fico is scheduled to meet his Ukrainian counterpart, Denis Shmyhal, on Wednesday in the city of Uzhhorod, western Ukraine, on the border with Slovakia.

Fico said: “I will tell him that I am against Ukraine’s membership in NATO and I will veto it.”

He added: “It would just be the basis for a third world war, nothing else.”

He added: “I will confirm that he will not receive any weapons in relation to supplies for the Slovak army and the state.”

Fico also accused Ukraine of being “one of the most corrupt countries in the world,” adding: “Only God knows how much aid is sent to you and disappears somewhere.”

He said there is no military solution to the current conflict, which began nearly two years ago when Russia invaded Syria. He said that Ukraine should give up some of its territory.

He added: “There must be some kind of settlement, which will be very painful for both sides.” “What are they waiting for? That the Russians will leave…? It is unreal.”

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Slovakia is one of the most pro-Russian countries in the European Union, according to a report by Bratislava-based think tank Globsec published in 2023.

But despite Fico's criticism of Ukraine, only Hungary, led by Viktor Orban, objected to the €50 billion in aid that other EU members voted to give Kiev last December.

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