Six passing players to consider fading in drafts

Kelsey may qualify as an overrated fantasy player rather than a cruelly ‘bust’, but he will soon be 33 years old and will be He is clearly in the decline stage of his career – So far it’s been drafted as a top 20 pick. Kelce’s yards per track have fallen nearly 20 percent over the past three seasons with Trek Hill off the fieldKansas City added jojo smith schuster To play the slot during the offseason.

Kelsey is drafted higher than Mark Andrewswho was six years younger, got lost Marquis Brown As a competition it saw 15 goals at the end of the season last season compared to just four for Celci. Make it logical!

Sutton’s ADP looked like One of the most terrible in recent memory before Tim Patrick I went down for this season, but it’s now regularly overrated. While it is definitely a big boost Russell Wilson As a quarterback, Sutton’s ADP team treats him as a Top 20 WR, and he’s very aggressive. Sutton’s goal per track decreased by 38% and His yards per track dropped from 2.10 to 0.48 (!) with Jeudy on the field last season.

In other words, even though Jodi was playing through a severe ankle sprain, 83% of Sutton’s Fantasy Points came from With his teammate turning off field last season. While there has been some Wilson/Sutton buzz this summer, There is a real argument The Wrong receiver Denver being drafted first in fantasy leagues.

Allen has a safe ground and a quarterback to throw at him, but this 30-year-old has been down his yards per track every season since 2017, Only ranked 30th out of the 90 eligible WRs last year. Most importantly, Allen’s Goals and fantasy production fell sharply Once Joshua Palmer He took over the WR3 position from Los Angeles for the final five weeks of last season.

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Allen saw the situation differently His goal run rate per track dropped from 27 percent to 20 percent with Palmer on the fieldsophomore year wide Numbers to see more action in 2022.

San Francisco 49ers: Depo Samuel

Samuel is being drafted as a fictional future among the top eight players though Not ranking in the top 50 running tracks or the top 25 goals in the last season. His role in this year’s scrolling game remains a question mark as San Francisco turns into Tree Lancewho worked exclusively with Brandon Ayuk All summer while Samuel held out mostly for a new contract. QB’s new start in San Francisco is going to fully attack Different field level From Jimmy Garoppolo.

Trey Lance might not help Deebo Samuel’s fictional prospects as much as some might think. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Samuel Dynamo yards after the catch Who will be tapped all over the field, but last season he was the first to miss a game. It was also the first time he had seen more than 81 goals. Samuel somehow rushed Eight degrees in just 59 attemptsAnd she entered the RB room for the 49ers in 2022 much better and deeper.

Samuel isn’t expected to see nearly the same size as the other receivers crafted around him, making it a risky fantasy choice in the second round.

Seattle Seahawks: DK Metcalf

Metcalf is still being drafted as a top 20 fictional future despite Seattle’s loss Russell Wilson during the holiday season. Jeno Smith It was named QB1 and (and The alternative is hardly better), Metcalfe saw He cuts his yards in each game in half and drops his target share Below mate Tyler Lockett With Smith playing quarterback.

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Metcalf is talented enough to suddenly overcome his shaky situation (Seattle too He ran by far the fewest number of plays in the NFL last season), but he realized he benefited greatly from the Hall of Fame team that targeted him more permanently in the end zone than any other WR in the league.

And we didn’t even start at Metcalf “feed” Until now.

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Washington Leaders: Terry McLaurin

Scary Terry is one of the best wide receivers in football, but he’s been crafted into a very high fantasy, as if he’s no longer burdened by a bad quarterback attitude. Carson Wentz He was one of the most accurate QBs in the league last season Now you will be playing outdoors and down the offensive line. Furthermore, the rookie WR Jahan Dotson It is said that he showed more chemistry with Wentzso I find it hard to classify McLaurin, who scored 23-318-0 in the last seven games last season, as a top 15 WR like the ADP.

Imagine crafting a Maclaurin before that Allen Robinson this year.

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