Shares of Goldman Sachs ‘stolen’ after post-income decline

Of CNBC Jim Kramer On Tuesday he feels the reaction of Wall Street Goldman socksMissing fourth-quarter earnings created a buying opportunity for investors.

“Go ahead and wait until then Morgan Stanley Disappointing tomorrow. … or, I do not know, Bailey building and credit; Wait until it collapses, ” “Crazy money” The host said about the bank in the fantasy film, “It’s a wonderful life.”

“Or, you take my approach, Goldman Sachs may find it almost impossible to get a job, a place where corporates can always pay a premium for fantastic privacy advice … you can get it now. The reserve was $ 70 less than it was two and a half months ago,” Kramer continued. “I think it’s a theft.”

Goldman Sachs stocks Fell 7% On Tuesday, it closed at $ 354.40 each. On November 2, it hit an all-time high of $ 426.16.

Although the investment bank saw an improvement in operating expenses in its Q4 and a slump in stock trading earnings, Goldman Sachs said. Record full year results For many measurements including net income and earnings. Kramer, who began his Wall Street career at Goldman Sachs four decades ago, has been recording consumer and wealth management earnings.

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“If you consider investing as own companies, what you see now is that Goldman Sachs, the primary investment bank, is selling 6 times less than last year’s return because it said it could not make a better year again,” Kramer said.

However, Kramer disagreed with that suspicion, because “bears say that every year, and they may be wrong again.”

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