Shane Gillis bombs an 'SNL' monologue as he addresses the 2019 shooting


Shane Gillis addressed his 2019 firing from “Saturday Night Live” while hosting the show on Saturday.NBC/YouTube

Comedian Shane Gillis hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and used it His opening monologue To address his 2019 dismissal from the comedy series.

“I’m here,” the 36-year-old said at the start of his speech five years after he was axed from the show for using racist and homophobic slurs on a podcast.

“Most of you probably have no idea who I am. I was actually – I was fired from this show a while ago. But, you know, don't look that up, please. If you don't know who I am, please don't look that up in “Google it. It's okay. Don't even worry about it.”

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The comedian was let go from the show for using racist and homophobic slurs on a podcast. NBC/YouTube

As the opening credits continued for about eight minutes, Gillis joked about his sister marrying an Arab man from Egypt and the couple adopting three black children, saying that going to their house was like “getting into the craziest Uber pool I've ever been in.” “.

He then made some jokes about a few of his works Family members having Down SyndromeSaying they “do better than anyone I know.”

He added that they are “the only ones who consistently have a good time.”

But that didn't stop him from making NSFW jokes. Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

When Gillis mentioned that his niece had Down syndrome, the audience laughed.

After taking a hit, Geillis said awkwardly, “[I] I thought this would get a bigger laugh.

“This place is very well lit. I can see everyone not enjoying it,” he said.

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Gillis made some jokes about people with Down syndrome. Will Heath/NBC

Even some viewers at home were not impressed.


Gillis was hired by SNL in 2019, but was fired after just five days without appearing on air.

The audience laughed, but not as much as Gillis had hoped. Will Heath/NBC

In the days leading up to his return to the show, Page Six exclusively reported that Gillis planned to go all out and use his Down Syndrome brand.

“He's giving it his all,” said one of our insiders after seeing the comedian working out the material several times at the city's comedy clubs recently.

Since being fired from “Saturday Night Live,” Gillis has gained popularity for his two popular Netflix specials, “Live In Austin” and “Beautiful Dogs.”

He has also appeared regularly on Joe Rogan's controversial podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

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