Sen to vote for Gotanji Brown Jackson. Says Susan Collins

“During my meetings with Judge Jackson, we discussed in depth many of the issues raised during his trial,” Collins said. “Sometimes I agree with her; Sometimes I don’t. As I disagree with some of his conclusions to date, I have no doubt that if Judge Jackson is confirmed, I will not accept every vote he makes as a judge. However, that alone does not disqualify.

Collins said the Supreme Court’s discriminatory nature of confirmation hearings and “the process is broken.” A Interview with the New York TimesIn a second meeting with Jackson on Tuesday, Collins said Jackson had promised not to “bend the law to meet personal preference.”

“In my view, the role that the Constitution clearly assigns to the Senate is to examine the candidate’s experience, qualifications and integrity,” Collins said Wednesday. “It is not about assessing whether a candidate reflects the ideology of an individual senator or whether an individual senator will rule as he wishes.”

Despite the lack of Republican votes, Jackson’s confirmation will be in early April, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (DN.Y.) said last week – especially Sen. After Joe Mancin III (DW.Va.), A centrist who is important to vote in the 50-50 Senate, Announced that he would like to vote to confirm Jackson.

All 50 Democrats and independents are expected to support Jackson, almost pledging his commitment to how many Republican votes he will receive in the remaining suspense. Democrats hoped Jackson would get at least some bipartisan support, while Republicans said supporting someone with Jackson’s credentials was important to the Supreme Court’s integrity.

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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein on Wednesday thanked Collins for “giving Judge Jackson a fair and thoughtful review – and everyone.” [president’s] Judicial appointments, “he said Has tweeted that.

Three GOP Senators – Collins, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and sen. Lindsay O. Graham (SC) – Last year the Court of Appeals voted in favor of Jackson’s appointment to the DC circuit. Murkowski and Graham have not yet announced a final decision this time around, although it is widely expected that Graham will vote against him in the Supreme Court after aggressively questioning Jackson at last week’s hearing.

Another possible Republican vote is the Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, he challenged Jackson in the Circuit Court, but said for several weeks that he was open-minded when he was elevated to the Supreme Court. Romney met with Jackson on Tuesday and said “they had a wide-ranging discussion about his experience and qualifications.” However, he Told reporters He will not announce his decision until Jackson’s confirmation vote day.

On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee formally scheduled a vote on Jackson’s candidacy on April 4, pushing for a deadline to be confirmed as the court’s 116th judge next weekend.

When the committee met to consider Jackson’s appointment, Republican senators demanded a week’s delay in the vote, which became a permanent parliamentary ploy. It will begin a series of practical votes on the Senate platform next week, which will end in a confirmation vote on Thursday or Friday, until enough Democratic senators are healthy.

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