Seeking Backup Options Behind Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings Acquire Quarterback Nick Mullins of Las Vegas Raiders

Eagan, MN – The Minnesota Vikings have acquired a quarterback Nick Mullins Las Vegas Raiders on Monday to pick conditional draft 2024, giving them one more option behind the start Kirk Cousins In the middle of an uneven summer for its current reserves.

Mullins will get a chance to take off Shawn Manion And the Keelen Mundwho were vying for the job. Neither of them featured in training camp or in two pre-season games, as the two representatives split evenly. Coach Kevin O’Connell declined to endorse either of them after Saturday night’s 17-7 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, as they combined to complete 20 of 35 passes for 147 yards, with Mond intercepting twice.

“Ultimately you would have loved to come out of the night feeling like you were shooting, they both moved the team and scored a lot of points and we have an uphill discussion and conversation ahead of us as a team and as an institution,” O’Connell said Saturday night. “Even though we haven’t, I still think there have been some real teachable moments and then some real moments where we will be able to take stock of our place in this situation and kind of look at it because we’re putting it all back together. Go to this week to see. How do we need to let these guys compete.

“Because as we talked, in my mind, the clock is on. Even though I feel like our freshmen are in a great place for 9/11, and that’s where our focus is really, there are a lot of jobs we have that still allow ourselves to play until we feel good about the depth. This week we will certainly allow it to work in practice.”

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Mullens started 16 games for the San Francisco 49ers from 2018 to 2020, playing in an offense similar to the one O’Connell pins for the Vikings. He added the start of last season for the Cleveland Browns, but was late Derek Carr And the Garrett Stidham On this summer’s Raiders depth chart.

The Vikings overhauled their off-season football operations, but new general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah decided to send all three footballers back in 2021 for training camp. The Cousins ​​signed a contract extension, and Manion signed a one-year deal. Mond was a third-round pick in the 2021 draft and didn’t look ready to take on the quarterback as a runner-up this summer.

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