SeaWorld Orlando announces new Penguin Trek coaster

Orlando, Florida. – SeaWorld Orlando is set to redefine thrill-seeking in the spring of 2024 with the highly anticipated arrival of “Penguin Trek.”

Designed to take riders on an exhilarating journey across the stunning expanse of Antarctica, the Penguin Trek promises a unique adventure.

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The action-packed ride features a snowmobile-themed ride that the park said will immerse passengers in a penguin research mission. Thrill seekers can look forward to two exhilarating launches and a maze of twists and turns as they hurtle along a 3,020-foot track that winds in and out. The coaster reaches speeds of up to 43 mph, providing an adrenaline rush that will leave riders breathless.

Once aboard Penguin Trek, riders will take on the role of brave researchers and embark on an exciting expedition through the icy wilderness. The adventure begins with a close call in an ice cave, then intensifies as riders take to the coaster’s open-air track.

SeaWorld Orlando announces the arrival of the ultimate Antarctic adventure: “Penguin Trek” (sea World)

“We are very excited to unveil our newest addition to SeaWorld Orlando’s premium coaster lineup in the spring of 2024,” said John Peterson, President of SeaWorld Orlando. “This family launch coaster embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration, offering an immersive ride through the wonders of Antarctica while further connecting our mission and commitment to animal care, education and research. We know our guests were ready for a new thrill experience that the whole family can enjoy, and we are thrilled to redefine the experience Launching the family ship alongside our long-standing partners at B&M.

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SeaWorld Orlando announces the arrival of the ultimate Antarctic adventure: “Penguin Trek” (sea World)

What really sets Penguin Trek apart is its stunning ending. When the ship stops, guests won’t find themselves in a simulated penguin colony — they’ll be in the heart of an actual penguin habitat at SeaWorld Orlando. This unprecedented experience allows visitors to get up close and personal with these magnificent birds, adding an unforgettable animal experience to the excitement of the ship.

The family-friendly coaster is suitable for passengers ranging in length from 42 inches to 77 inches, SeaWorld said.

SeaWorld Orlando announces the arrival of the ultimate Antarctic adventure: “Penguin Trek” (sea World)

This will be the eighth coaster the theme park has added to its exciting portfolio.

The world-class design goes to Bolliger & Mabillard, B&M, renowned design and manufacturer firms known for their excellence in coaster engineering. The company helped design one of the park’s other exciting attractions, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, which opened earlier this year.

The new coaster is now being constructed near the park Antarctica Empire Penguin.

Watch the construction video from last month below.

SeaWorld Orlando is exciting fans on social media about a new project called “Project Penguin.” News 6 flies over the theme park to see construction crews near the Antarctica area.

SeaWorld Orlando is offering 2024 Annual Pass members an exclusive opportunity to be the first to ride before the attraction opens to the public, with tickets already sold out.

For more information, park hours and to purchase tickets, visit

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