Scientists measure the heat added due to climate change in days

Scientists say humans endured the equivalent of another hot month last year due to climate change. Their analysis shows that nearly 80% of the Earth’s population has dealt with at least 31 days of abnormally high temperatures since last May. The New York Times Reports. The report released on Tuesday says burning fossil fuels is a major cause. An abnormally hot day was considered a day in which the temperature exceeded 90% of the daily temperatures in that place between 1991 and 2020. The average person experienced 26 more such days that year than they would have if the climate had not changed.

For Americans, the average was 39 days; Totals reach 100 days in parts of the southwest and northwest. “These are significant losses that we have imposed on people,” said Andrew Pershing, one of the researchers. “It’s a huge tax we’ve imposed on nature.” Pershing noted that the burden in parts of South America and Africa exceeds 120 days. The analysis was conducted by Climate Central, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Climate Centre, and World Weather Attribution, a scientific initiative, according to times. (Alarms are sounded about increases in carbon dioxide levels.)

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