Scientists Create Matter From Nothing In A Pioneering Experiment

We’ve all probably heard the phrase that you can’t make something out of nothing. But in reality, the physics of our universe is not cut and dry. In fact, scientists have spent decades trying to force matter out of absolutely nothing. And now, they’ve been able to prove that a theory first shared 70 years ago is correct, and we can really create matter from absolutely nothing.

The universe is made up of several laws of conservation. These laws govern energy, charge, momentum, etc. at the bottom of the list. In their quest to fully understand these laws, scientists have spent decades trying to figure out how matter is formed—a feat far more complex than it appears. We have already Make the material invisiblebut creating it from nothing is something else entirely.

There are many theories about how matter was formed from nothing – especially as quantum physicists have tried to better understand the Big Bang and what could have caused it. We know that the collision of two particles in empty space can sometimes cause additional particles to appear. There are even theories that a strong enough electromagnetic field can create matter and antimatter out of nothingness itself.

Scientists have long been trying to understand how the Big Bang created the universe out of nothing. image source: NASA

But, being able to do any of these things has always been impossible. However, that didn’t stop the scientists from trying, and now that research appears to have paid off. as such big thought In early 2022, a group of researchers created electric fields strong enough in their lab to level the unique properties of a material known as graphene.

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Through these spheres, the researchers were able to make pairs of particles and antiparticles out of absolutely nothing. This proved that the formation of matter out of nothing is indeed possible, a theory first proposed by Julian Schwinger, one of the founders of quantum field theory. With this knowledge, we hope to better understand how the universe makes something out of nothing.

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