‘Saved By the Bell’ fans say ‘Still Got It’ to Tiffani Thiessen in new swimsuit IG Pic

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Save him by ringing the bellFans will remember how beautiful she is Tiffany Thessin He appeared while filming Kelly Kapowski on the hit sitcom in the ’90s. Well, many people have noticed that the actress is taking time off from work to be with her family and they can’t help but rave about how old she is.

In an August 10 Instagram post, ex Beverly Hills 90210 The star shared a photo of her standing outside a seaside cave in Mendocino, California. Wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with a thick belt, sunglasses, and a straw hat, the 48-year-old TV personality looked as if she was enjoying her time in the summer heat. But like a true comedian, Tiffany still finds a way to throw simple wisdom into the mix, too.

She captioned the photo jokingly, “When you get caught trying to find a place to pee.” on instagram.

As soon as Tiffany posted the post on her social media, she immediately drew attention from her celebrity friends and followers. Unsurprisingly, they all thought she looked great in her holiday outfit.

One fan wrote: “Kelly Kapowski still realizes it” Comments section for her. “Hi. I didn’t realize they were making a new Baywatch series!!!!tiffanithiessen,” another fan of the former Cooking Channel star gushed. Colleague Save him by ringing the bell Share in the star Elizabeth Berkeley She gave her opinion with three emojis: “🔥🙌❤️”.

Although she is currently moving around California – with her husband Brady Smith and their children Harper And the Holt – Don’t think she won’t stay busy the rest of the time. When not hosting MTV’s appetiteThe pull a chair The cookbook author is just trying to figure out how to balance family time with other responsibilities.

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“Being a mother, that’s probably patience number one” Tell Hey ho! life July 2021. “Making sure you have a good support system, wherever you find that… I think this is really important… It takes a village. It really isn’t just about one person. It really takes a lot of people to dance to raise Children, hopefully in a good way.”

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