Satechi's new Qi2 charging stands are stylish and storable

Our universal, wireless, magnetic, fast-charging future is here as the first Qi2 chargers begin arriving, and Satechi is showing off its first two compatible products today at CES.

Both devices are a foldable stand designed to charge a pair of earbuds and a phone – using MagSafe or Qi2 – at the same time, while the higher end of the devices adds an Apple Watch charger on the back. The company said in its announcement that it will be available in the second quarter of the year, costing $79.99 for the 2-in-1 stand and $129.99 for the 3-in-1 version.

The new Satechi pads fold flat and come with a 45-watt power supply and two travel adapters for foreign plugs. Satechi even says the 3-in-1 model supports fast charging for the Apple Watches it features.

The Satechi stand has a removable USB-C cable.
Image: Saatchi

Satechi takes a heavy toll with its prices, but that was the main theme of early Qi2 charging stands like this one. Nomad advertised a $100 Qi2 charger, but it doesn't include the required 20W adapter and only charges one device. Mophie announced its first Qi2 platform in September, pricing its 3-in-1 option at around $130 as well. Belkin's Qi2 3-in-1 charging pad comes at the same price. But none of these situations are folded, so… this is one way Satechi can stand out.

Don't you want your charger to fold flat like this?
Image: Saatchi

However, it's good to know that we're heading into a new world where charging an iPhone doesn't require careful calculations and research, wires or no. Well, I retract that. USB-C is still the terrible king of standards.

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