Samsung’s new Frame TV is already on sale at Woot

Samsung’s latest 43-inch The Frame TV model was made available yesterday but is already on sale at Woot. Usually $999.99, Woot discounted this TV to just $799.99 for today ono. The QLED panel mimics the look and feel of a framed piece of art, hence the name. The Frame TV is all about aesthetics and turning the big, unsightly device in your home into a great piece of décor. Just like last year’s model, The Frame 2022 TV is just inches thick, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into almost any living space.

The 43-inch panel on The Frame TV is a 4K QLED HDR display. While 4K is pretty much on par for the course at this point, HDR offers greater depth of color. In addition, the QLED screen allows the screen to remain on for extended periods without the risk of burn-in that you might see with OLED screens. Just note that unlike the larger models that support a 120Hz refresh rate, the 43-inch model is limited to just 60Hz. It’s also worth noting that although the screen supports HDR, it lacks any kind of local dimming technology like Dolby Vision.

The The latest model of The Frame It retains much of what worked with the 2021 model. It uses the same QLED display and runs Samsung’s Tizen OS — as well as providing integrated streaming apps as well as voice assistants from Samsung, Google, and Amazon. This operating system is also compatible with AirPlay 2 to enable screen sharing from Apple devices.

The biggest difference with this newer model is Samsung’s new “matte display,” which fundamentally changes how the screen absorbs light and responds to light. The result is a picture that looks very much like a real painting you find in a museum. This feature ultimately gives the latest model of The Frame TV a look that is extremely difficult to distinguish from an actual piece of art.

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While you are certainly welcome to view works from your own collection, Samsung also has an online art store with over 2,000 items. They range from old masters to contemporary photography and can all be downloaded directly to The Frame.

2022 Samsung The Frame TV (43 inch)

The latest model of Samsung’s aesthetically pleasing TV retains the same vibrant QLED screen as its predecessor, but uses a new anti-glare, low-reflection coating called Matte Display, which delivers images with quality that’s similar to actual canvas.

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