Samsung’s 2023 Freestyle can combine projections from two units into a massive image

since when, Samsung Lots of news up his sleeve CESincluding some of its updates Portable projector. It looks quite similar to the company’s previous Freestyle model, but this one includes and features Samsung’s Smart TV platform Game Center, Also. This also provides access to services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna and NVIDIA GeForce Now for cloud gaming.

However, the real magic in this year’s version of Freestyle may become apparent when you have two units. When the projections from the two become one, as the Spice Girls may have once sung, Edge Blending technology can combine them into a single ultra-wide screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9. Samsung says the patented technology can automatically place Picture cornerstones and adjustments for a “more immersive cinematic experience”. So, if you have a living room with a huge wall or you know a friend who has an art gallery, you might be able to set up two freeform projectors and play Fortnite on a huge screen.


There are very few details on pricing, availability, and full specifications available at the moment, but we’ll update this post when it becomes available.



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