Samsung promises to improve the Galaxy S24's camera flaws with updates

Samsung's latest flagships come with several quality-of-life improvements, including brighter displays, sturdier bodies, faster performance, improved cameras, and longer battery life. However, there are some minor issues with the camera on the Galaxy S24 series, and these issues will likely be resolved through software updates.

Future updates to improve and improve the quality of the Galaxy S24 camera

When Galaxy S24 User complained About the camera quality in the official Samsung forum, the forum moderator is responsible for camera-related updates open Samsung is constantly trying to improve the camera and receives user feedback through various channels.

They said they will improve the camera performance through future software updates and revealed that Samsung is focusing on improving color accuracy and 3D effect with the Galaxy S24 series compared to the previous generation Galaxy S series smartphones.

Translated version

Based on what users are posting online, the Galaxy S24 series seems to have improved over the Galaxy S23, but there are some issues around it. Noise and banding in the sky in low light conditionsslight overexposure in daylight conditions, and Less dynamic range around certain light sources In low light conditions. There also appear to be some issues with details captured from certain textures.

Although Samsung has not revealed when it will release a new software update to fix these issues, we can expect the first two software updates to include some camera-related updates. At least, that's what Samsung's track record reveals. Samsung has improved the camera capture and processing speed compared to the Galaxy S23 series.

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