Salaar Trailer: Huge Request

“Please I ask you” is what Rebel Star Prabhas says at the end of this visual, which sounds like a direct request to the box office to score a “blockbuster” in the first place. Finally, the much-awaited trailer of ‘Salaar’ is here as promised, which is now giving goosebumps and ending the hunger of movie lovers.

The trailer begins with the story of two friends, a younger version of Prabhas and Prithviraj, who live near a small village that grows into the fortified city of Khansar, ruled by fearsome sons like Vardhani (Jagapathi Babu), Shreya Reddy, Bobby Simha. And others. With Jagapthi trying to make his son Varadha Raja Mannar (Prithviraj) the head of the city, he is opposed by a force and then intervenes by Deva’s friend, the macho and adrenaline-pumping Prabhas. Well, the visuals, setting, emotion and drama are eye-catching in this film directed by Prashant Neel.

Stunning visuals and brilliant sound design are the core of Salar, while Prabhas’ simple yet powerful body language and simple dialogues are the engaging elements of this extravaganza. The anticipation was built well in the trailer as it took almost two minutes for the director to make an entrance with Prabhas, and once he got there, the film was lively and pulsing. We’ll have to see what the one-man Diva army does in the YouTube trailer now.

Salaar hits theaters on December 22, 2023.

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