Sailor Kyle Lewis activates, and releases Stephen Souza

Return the sailors to their posts Kyle Lewis from the list of injured. He’s in the starting lineup this evening as the designated hitter, hitting seventh against an A . starter James Caprilian. Seattle also announced that it has released the veteran defense player Stephen Souza Jr. And the right-handed man is erect Adrian Sampson To Triple-A Tacoma.

It will be Lewis’ first major league appearance since May 31. The previous first-round pick had suffered a meniscus tear in his right knee at the time. It was the latest in a string of knee injuries for Lewis, who also tore his ACL as a minor player and suffered a bruised joint in spring training. Lewis was locked out for a few months, and his attempt at rehab late in the season was called off after he suffered another bone contusion in September.

With this injury history in mind, the sailors proceeded with extreme caution with Lewis this spring. The club announced he would not be available to start the season in March, and continued to make slow progress through the first few weeks of the season. He headed out on a rehab assignment in early May, and his allotted 20-day window expired yesterday. Now he’s back and hoping to get close to .262/.364/.437 shows that in 2020 he managed to claim the Rookie of the Year in the MLS.

Seattle has had very few cornerbacks so far, which is a big reason for the team’s disappointing start to 18-25. However, they’re not about to return the 26-year-old Lewis to his day-to-day role on the lawn. Director Scott Service told reporters (including Ryan Davis from The Seattle TimesThe plan is to use Lewis exclusively as a health officer for the time being because it makes it easier for him to get back to work. They’re supposed to mix in a big dose of vacation days too, leaving the stadium Jesse WinkerAnd Julio Rodriguez And Taylor Trammell Where the club is waiting for the arrival of the newly signed Justin Upton.

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Souza briefly took into account this combination, heading into the majors when he chose M’s Jared Kielnik. The veteran got the call with a .267/.417/.533 monster who appeared in 96 games in Tacoma, but Seattle didn’t give him much of a lead at the big league level. After collecting only three hits (all singles) and punching eight times in his first six matches, M appointed him for the job over the weekend. Assuming he removes the exemptions, the 33-year-old will hit free agency and likely look for another minor league opportunity elsewhere.

Sampson has the right to do the same, having been left out in his career. The team did not specify if he was elected free agency, however, Sampson has roots in the Pacific Northwest as a native of Washington.

Seattle snatched concessions from the 30-year-old Cubs earlier this month, but he was set for the job before he showed up. Sampson has made 11 MLB games with Chicago over the past two seasons, throwing 36 1/3 innings from 2.72 ERA balls. The modest strike rate of 18.7% didn’t support the excellent foreclosure mark, though, and it has now gone through unclaimed exemptions.

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