Sabotage from the developer of Sea Of Stars replaces the NPC “The Completionist”.

Sabotage Studio director Thierry Boulanger announced via Discord that the company will remove content creator and internet personality Jirard ‘The Completionist’ khil from the indie RPG Sea of ​​Stars.

Sea of ​​Stars arrived on Switch earlier this year in August and included a trailer where Khalil appeared as an NPC known as “Jirard the Constructionist”, who the main protagonists in the story could interact with. This decision follows Khalil is accused of “charity fraud” Last month.

Here is the official message Via RPG Fan:

Thierry Boulanger: A small patch will go live on Steam and be sent to consoles soon to replace the NPC created in Mirth.

We have come to this decision after carefully monitoring the events of the past few weeks, and while it is not our place to judge, we make it our priority to maintain a positive and optimistic space that reflects the spirit of our intentions, whether creative. or something else.

As always, we appreciate your support and trust you to respect our decision while keeping the tone of the conversation in line with the core of what makes our games and community what it is. Thank you.

As mentioned, there’s a “small patch” on the way to replace the constructor in Mirth, and it will be brought to consoles “soon.”

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